Provost’s Welcome

Welcome! It is such a pleasure to have you here at Sixth and to invite each of you to join our community. As the provost of this dynamic college, it is my honor to work with each of you, and with our staff and faculty, to create an environment where we can BE our motto “Innovative, Interconnected, Aware”.  Sixth College is the youngest college at UC San Diego, with its first students entering in 2001. In the mere seventeen years of its existence, it has established a reputation for being inclusive, creative, and energizing!

At Sixth, our mission is to prepare our students to become dynamic citizens of the 21st century and to be confident in generating cutting edge, boundary breaking ideas and innovative technology. CAT, our Academic Program with courses in the intersection of culture, art, and technology, allows students to customize their experience as they work towards our common mission and their personal goals. The breadth and distribution of our General Education requirements provide a solid foundation for all majors while the Practicum program facilitates the application of classroom concepts to service or community based learning. In conjunction with the writing component of CAT, they forge the tools for critical analysis and thoughtful synthesis/informed opinions on the myriad questions facing our society.

Our staff and faculty are dedicated to your success and look forward to your achievements here and beyond.

Lakshmi Chilukuri
Provost, Sixth College