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Sixers in the News

Paul Li, '16

Andrew Mueller, '16

Angela Tomlinson, '16

Angela Tomlinson, student of Sixth College, was recently invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University in Coral Gables, Florida for her Project, Proyecto S.U.A.V.E. (Sustainable Unity and Vegetation Empowerment). Angela participated in the Social Venture Challenge and had to compete in various steps along the way. Not only was she was her project the first project to make it to the finals from UCSD, but was also the first to win the competition. Through this competition Angela and her team won, but not limited to, a Resolution Lifetime Fellowship. Angela acts as President and Founder of Proyecto S.U.A.V.E. Her inspiration for her project came from her internship with the Blum Cross Border Initiative , which fulfilled her practicum requirement for Sixth College. She is eternal grateful for the mentorship and possibilities Sixth College and the Blum Cross Border Initiative was able to open for her. Not only was she able to get hands on experience, but was able to turn her work into something sustainable. Her project will be partnering with the Blum Cross Border Initiative and will have future interns from Sixth College working with her in Los Laureles Canyon this upcoming summer. During CGIU, Angela was able to network with other speakers and students to discuss past successes and upcoming implementations. She was able to see various empowering speakers such as Pussy Riot, America Ferrera, Tawakkol Karman,  Paul Farmer, and of course the Clinton family- Hilary, Bill, and Chelsea. Since Angela won the fellowship, she was able to speak with Chelsea Clinton personally and discuss her project. Angela’s experience was empowering and one she will truly never forget. 

Siyi Ye, '16

Liza Lukasheva, '15

Liza Liza Lukasheva, '15, has served as a college ambassador, Judicial Board member for Sixth College Student Council, Sixth College Orientation Leader, and Sixth Senator for Associated Students at UC San Diego. In addition to all of this, Liza's work as a lab assistant under biologist Ronald Evans at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has helped in finding a potential way to fight pancreatic cancer, using Vitamin D.

Tyler Wishard, '15

Tyler Wishard

Image courtesy of Saltman Quarterly

Tyler Wishard, class of 2015, was the recipient of a 2014 Student Presentation Award from the Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS). Inspired by his involvement at the national level with SACNAS along with his fellow board members, Tyler has been a large part in starting the SACNAS chapter at UC San Diego. Part of his work with SACNAS UCSD has been working to partner with the Raza Resource Centro to host a monthly seminar series that provides tools and information for students to become successful scientists, as well as montly meetings to focus on building a community between underrepresented groups in STEM fields at UC San Diego. His research and volunteer work has also been featured in Saltman Quarterly, a leading undergraduate scientific publication.

Andrew Beeler, '14

Mireya Pinell-Cruz, '14

Harrison Gill, '13

Mike Sierks, '13; Grady Kestler, '13

Soda Pants

Mike Sierks, '13 and Grady Kestler, '13 have both served as resident assistants (RAs) at Sixth during their time at UC San Diego. Their band, Soda Pants, has notably performed for Conan O'Brien when he visited our campus in 2012. The band was nominated for 'Best New Artist' at the San Diego Music Awards in 2013.

Soda Pants 'Best New Artist'

Christian Wu, '13

Mike Sierks, '13, William Chapman, '12


Assistant Director of Residence Life Tony Jakubisin, along withWilliam Chapman ('12) and Michael D. Sierks ('13), were published in NASPA's 2015 publication (PDF - page 62).

Sev Ohanian, '08

Sev Ohanian

Sev Ohanian, '08, is someone who exemplifies the combination of creativity, collaboration, and global thinking that characterizes Sixers. He graduated from the class of 2008 from Sixth College at UCSD with a bachelor’s in Visual Arts, and has worked on television and film productions including the hit series Mad Men and with networks such as Fox and TNT, but now produces independent feature films. His most recent film, titled Fruitvale Station, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has been selected for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Recently, Sev received his MFA from USC in Production Design. He was Sixth College's alumni commencement speaker in 2013, and made it on The Wrap's list of 11 Innovators who are changing Hollywood.

The Wrap's list of 11 Innovators who are changing Hollywood

Sundance Buzz

Casey Brotherton, '20, Alayna Gocke, '20, Edgar Chin, '20, Garrett, '19

Siyi Ye, '16, Brianna Lonquich, '16, Albert Chang, '16

Kyo Hyun Koo, '19, Jared Buchanan, '17, Han Lu Ling '17

Zhujun Shao, '17, Natalie Terenzi, '18, Anna Ward, '19, Austin Lau, '17


Students presented at UC San Diego Conference for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (CRASSH) on March 17, 2017.

AJ Gallo, ’21

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