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How to Choose a Major

Review and Research Undergraduate Majors

From the list of majors, highlight those that interest you.

Research each major you consider a possibility by reading the department website and referring to the on-line UC San Diego catalog.

Narrow Your List

  • Narrow your list of majors down to five departments.
  • Visit the departments and ask any questions you may have. Find out about major requirements and career opportunities, including salaries and benefits.
  • Review the Career Center's page on Choosing a Major

Talk with Others

  • Talk about your academic interests with department faculty, college and department advisors, as well as friends and family. This will help you define your interests and goals.
  • Visit the Career Center for guidance on your career goals and interests

Take Some Classes

  • Narrow your list down to three departments
  • Take some classes from these departments. The more courses you sample, the more informed your decision.

Pick Your Major

  • Now that you have taken some classes in these areas, narrow your choice to one major.
  • Schedule an appointment with the department advisor for long-term major planning.
For more information, contact Sixth College.