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The Sixth College Promise

As a student of Sixth College and UC San Diego, I am both a Sixer and a Triton.  As such, 

  • I will assume responsibility for my education and work to support the learning and growth of others.
  • I will conduct myself with integrity in my academic and personal endeavors.
  • I will explore and celebrate the unique human differences we each possess and will respect the rights of others.
  • I will demonstrate a commitment to my own wellness and to the well being of others.
  • I will explore how art and technology, as elements of the culture we create, reflect what we believe and value.
  • I will invest in the success of my community by thinking critically and creatively about solutions for the challenges it faces. 

By fulfilling The Sixth College Promise, I commit to creating a community in which all members can flourish.

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Sixth College Promise

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