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San Diego and California

San Diego Zoo Animal CamsTwo Leopard Cubs

Miss taking a visit to the San Diego Zoo? Well you are in luck because the zoo has many different animal live cameras on their website. They have hippos, platypus, baboons, penguins, polar bears, apes, tigers, elephants, giraffes, owls, pandas, koalas, and condors! 

You can check out the zoo's live cameras here!

USS Midway 360 Virtual Tour

Enjoy a unique and exclusive virtual opportunity to explore America’s favorite aircraft carrier museum’s most popular spaces and exhibits. Listen to the award-winning audio tour, view a naval aircraft gallery and read amazing historical accounts of the USS Midway.

Begin your virtual adventure!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live CamsJellyfish

Be delighted by the antics of sea otters or mellow out to the hypnotic drifting of jellies. With ten live cams to choose from, you can experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where you are.

Enjoy the magic of the aquarium now! 

Seaport (Virtual) Village 

Seaport Village has always been a celebration of all things local, and now more than ever, they're thinking about you—their friends, their neighbors and their loyal patrons who choose to spend your day with them time and time again. That’s why they've created the Virtual Village, with fun and creative ways to stay connected to Seaport Village.

Explore the Seaport Virtual Village.

Disneyland Virtual RidesDisney Magic Kingdom Castle Fireworks

Despite not being able to access the parks, the magic of Disney is never too far away when you need it most. Check out this list of 30 Disneyland rides you can experience virtually. It doesn't have the same thrill of being on the ride, but it may give you that little dash of pixie dust you need to fulfill your Disney cravings!

Check out what rides you can enjoy at home!


Not enough of San Diego? You can find a lot more virtual experiences here!


The United States

U.S. Capitol Building

Tour the buildings around the Capitol, wander through the National Museum of Natural History, and explore the many online resources offered by the National Air and Space Museumthe National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

Explore the Capitol and learn about American history. 

Pikes Peak Cog Railway (Colorado Springs)Pikes Peak Scenic View

Have you ever wanted to climb Pikes Peak, the 14,115-foot mountain that rises above Colorado Springs, without leaving your house? You can ride the cog railway by watching this YouTube video that showcases the scenery experienced when riding it. Or, if trains aren't your thing, you can also take the drive up Pikes Peak yourself!

See the beauty of Colorado and then learn a little bit about the cog railway's history.

Austin, Texas

Austin, the capital of American cool, is packed with quirky landmarks, vibrant street art and sparkling green spaces. Dive into all of them thanks to YouVisit, an immersive virtual reality platform whose Austin tour will take you from the elegant grounds of the Texas Capitol to the summit of Mount Bonnell and even to the packed, smoky barbecue pit of Salt Lick BBQ.

Enjoy the immersive tour of Austin. 

Glacier National ParkGlacier National Park Scenic View

Part of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park is an American treasure under threat from climate change. The park is currently closed, but thanks to both Google Earth and Smithsonian Magazine, its more than one million acres, dotted with over 100 lakes, are still open for online exploration.

Explore the National Park via Google Earth or the Smithsonian Magazine

Cincinnati Zoo

The zoo wanted guests to still feel the joy of seeing animals and give the animals the attention they deserve, so they started making Home Safari Facebook lives weekly! You can meet elephants, Sabu and Jati, celebrate Lin the red panda's 7th birthday or enjoy The Fiona Show with Fiona, their baby hippo.

Check out the virtual safari and see all the adorable animals that call the zoo their home! 

The World

The LouvreThe Louvre Plaza

Thanks to technology you can now explore The Louvre in Paris, France without even leaving your bed. Visit the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre, and learn about history like never before. Just keep in mind, the online tour's interface is in French so have Google Translate nearby!

Discover the beauty and history of The Louvre.


Japan has some of the world's greatest sights to see and now we are bringing them to you. We found many different places and ways to experience the beauty of Japan and all it has to offer. Whether it's getting anxiety from the Shibuya Crossing or staring in wonder at the cherry blossoms, there is something for you.

The Northern LightsNorthern Lights

I don't know about you, but the Arctic is a bit too cold for us San Diegans. Luckily, every evening, Polar Bears International and are streaming the night sky and you can enjoy the natural light show from the comfort of your warm bed. The camera is placed at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre on the northern edge of Manitoba on the Hudson Bay.

Tune in to the Northern Lights live stream.

The Maldives

Although nothing beats a nice day at one of our San Diego beaches, the Maldives are a pretty close second when it comes to a beautiful beach. This virtual tour allows you to explore the resort and the beautiful areas around it without having to spend a penny.

Take a dive into the clear water of the Maldives.


Want to explore more of the world? Check out more virtual experiences here!


(Many of the links provided above were taken from Thrillist and San Diego Tourism Authority.)