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Student Reflections

Spring 2022: CAT 3EL

Students from previous iterations of CAT 3CE, the second part of the Community-Engaged Honors Program's three-course sequence, speak about their experiences in the class.

"My experience in CAT 3EL was transformative as it reshaped my perception of how the environment and climate change are portrayed in popular culture. The small seminar-style format of the class fostered an environment where every student could freely express their thoughts, making discussions open and honest and allowing for real communication between the professors and all students. Additionally, my work with the Nature Collective provided me with a unique and intimate view of the inner workings of an environment-focused non-profit. This course and the community engagement experience not only deepened my understanding of environmental issues but also allowed me to engage actively in addressing them." -Ellie

"I really enjoyed taking CAT 3EL due to a small classroom environment where the discussion was often student-led. I had the unique opportunity to engage in professor-organized volunteer work, which broke down a lot of the barriers to start volunteering. I felt more connected with the San Diego community as a first-year who was still very new to the area. I developed bonds with my professors that have created opportunities for my academic development. I was able to learn about a topic I was passionate about in a way in which I had never thought to approach it beforehand and it opened my eyes to different ways to approach a problem." -Dylan

"Compared to every other course that teaches climate rhetoric this class finally gave me an opportunity to go help hands-on. Many people of every field related to climate sometimes feel disconnected from the earth they protect and being able to go work with the Nature Collective really was fulfilling work. The class felt personal and easy for conversation to occur. I came out of your class with friendships I still maintain with both students and teachers." -Tobie


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