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How to request funding from SCSC

  1. Create a budget and schedule a presentation
    • Create your budget using this budget template (Google sheets) (you can also use the excel version)
      • You must use this template! If you use another template or create your own, your budget will not be accepted by finance committee.
    • Email your detailed budget to
      • Your application must be submitted at least 21 calendar days prior to the date of your event. Your event will be pushed back if it does not meet the deadline.
      • You will receive an email form the Vice President Finance within 24 hours confirming your presentation time.
    • Refer to this sample budget (PDF) for help creating a budget.
    • Refer to the Finance Bylaws (PDF) for additional information.
  2. Present your budget and event at the meeting
    • Finance Committee meeting change quarterly. Please email VP Finance for current meeting times and location. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.
      • As of Spring Quarter 2020, Finance Meetings are every Mondays @ Zoom.
    • Be prepared to describe your event both logistically and financially.
      • Your presentation should address the following:
        • What is the name, date, time, and location of the event?
        • Who is your target audience?
        • Briefly describe the event. Why are you holding it? What will happen at the event?
        • What is the estimated attendance?
        • Has this event happened in the past? If so, what experience do you have with it?
        • What is your marketing and/or publicity strategy?
        • Are you requesting funding from any other organization?
      • Please be prepared to answer any questions about the budget for your event.
    • Bring all materials that will enhance the presentation process.
    • If you are unavailable to present, you may send a representative to speak on your behalf or you can schedule an informal hearing with the Vice President of Finance. Your budget will be reviewed and approved at Sixth College Student Council finance meetings.
  3. Wait for SCSC's final decision
    • Finance Committee's official recommendation will be put on the SCSC agenda.
      • SCSC meetings are at 5:15pm Thursday in the Main Conference Room of Pepper Canyon. Attendance is optional.
    • Your organization will be informed of the final decision and reasoning for your funding request.

How to use funding from SCSC

Before an event...

  • Prior to submitting an event budget, we expect that you have met with your advisor to discuss the planning and logistics of your event.  Advisor endorsed programs indicates a more thorough plan for your event. They are there to help guide your event planning process and ensure that you are in compliance with university policies.
  • Make sure that you have discussed an event check in process with your advisor.
  • Are you giving away prizes at your event? If you are, fill out the Prize Distribution Form (PDF) before the event. Be sure to have it with you on the day of the event so that you can collect the names and PIDs of your lucky winners.
  • If you are planning ahead, your advisor has the resources to make event supply purchases on your behalf via a university express card, cash advance, or purchase order. You will not have to front your own money and wait to get reimbursed! PLAN AHEAD!

After an event...

If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Assistant to the Dean in Pepper Canyon Hall Room 209, or by email the VP Finance.

What to do after your event

Submit a post budget!

  • Refer to the sample post budget (PDF)
  • A post-budget compares your initial preliminary budget with the actual costs of your event.
    • You need to delineate any and all transactions in a clear and orderly fashion, please.
  • Post-budgets must be submitted to the VP Finance and the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs within 10 business days after your event or initiative. Please include any forms used!
  • Keep all financial documents i.e. receipts, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, etc.
  • If these are not completed in a timely fashion, it may impact future funding.

How to appeal a financial decision

  • If you feel dissatisfied with Sixth College Student Council's financial decisions regarding your organization's event, you may contact VP Finance.
  • To be considered for an appeal, your request must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your event.
  • To be considered for an appeal, you must be in compliance with current finance deadlines as set forth by the Finance Bylaws (PDF). 

Finance Documents and Forms

  • Finance Bylaws (PDF)
    • Read these to find out more about the Sixth College Student Council financing process.
  • Pre/Post Budget Template (Google Sheets).
    • The Pre Budget needs to be completed and attached to your funding request email sent to VP Finance.
  • Pre/Post Budget Template (XLS).
    • The Pre Budget needs to be completed and attached to your funding request email sent to VP Finance.
  • Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)
    • Fill out this form and obtain your advisor's signature to request reimbursement for any Sixth College Student Council-related expenses.
  • Event Evaluation Form (PDF)
    • Fill out this form in conjunction with the Reimbursement Request form.
  • Prize Distribution Form (PDF)
    • Enter the information of students who win prizes to receive reimbursements or to submit express card paperwork.

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