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Golden Shoe

Read about Sixth College's search for the missing UnOlympics trophy known as the "Golden Shoe."

Sixth College dean loses his shoe

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time one of the 6 undergraduate college deans of Student Affairs has lost his or her shoe. And Sixth College Dean James Stascavage isn't taking it lightly. Since the inception of UnOlympics - the spirited, community-building event created 25 years ago - the coveted "Golden Shoe" trophy has been snatched more than once or twice.

At last year's UnOlympics, Sixers clinched the title after busting some seriously hip moves to a mix of Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" and Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" in the dance competition. Sixth College won the event for the first time, and carried away the Golden Shoe high above their heads to its new home in the Sixth College Hub, on the second floor of Pepper Canyon Hall.

Two months later, the Golden Shoe disappeared.

"I was filing in the back at around 4 p.m. when someone asked me where the shoe had gone. I had just started that week," said Mark Flores. "And, because I'm a Revelle student, people joked that I took it."

Weeks later, a ransom note was mailed to the college. It read:

Sixth if u want ur shoe back ...
answer this riddle
What always goes to bed with
shoes on?

The Sixth College Student Council gathered to craft their best response to the riddle - a horse. The answer was displayed at the front of Pepper Canyon Hall. To the Council's chagrin, the shoe has yet to be returned.

As the UnOlympics approach on September 26, Sixers are getting anxious to see the return of the Golden Shoe so that they can follow the tradition of returning it to RIMAC field.

"I hope swiping it doesn't become a traditionalized UCSD prank, since theft can easily get the thieves into trouble, even if it comes to be sanctioned by public opinion," said David Jordan, Sixth College Interim Provost.

In this case, Dean Stascavage will not take any disciplinary action if the Golden Shoe is returned safely. "As the Golden Shoe is an integral part of this important UCSD UnOlympics tradition, we are hoping that it will be returned as quickly as possible," said Stascavage.

Note: The Golden Shoe was returned to Sixth College on Sept. 25.

- By Beverly Gallagher