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Student Spotlight on Giang Nguyen Fall 2007

Learn about one of Sixth College's amazing students, Giang Nguyen.

Get to know Giang Nguyen from Yorba Linda, California. Giang is a third-year Sixth College student and chair of the Sixth College Student Council.


  • Music: Anything but really hard rock and rap, for the most part
  • Movie: Romantic comedies, classic Disney
  • Book: Pride and Prejudice

Interests: Watching movies, reading, traveling

Who are your role models/heroes?
In general, anybody who's willing to see the good in people, and to help others out. In particular, I think my mom is a great person. She does so much and never complains about doing any of it. She has a good sense of humor and is always there for my sister and me when we need her, no matter what.

What's your major?
General Biology.

What's your intended career after graduation?
One day I hope to be a pediatrician. I started thinking about being a pediatrician in high school. I think it's a combination of my parents wanting me to go into their idea of a "good and safe" profession and of my wanting to help people in some way. I particularly love kids. To me, kids are so fresh and honest, for the most part! They donÂ?t judge too quickly, and kind of accept you as you are.

What student organizations or groups are you involved in?
I'm the Sixth College Student Council (SCSC) chair.

I was a Commuter Representative last year on SCSC, and this year I'm the chair. I'm a commuter myself, so I wanted to get some of our issues heard on council. As an SCSC commuter representative, I was the liaison to Commuters in Action (CIA) and the All Campus Commuter Board (ACCB). I also organized a lot of the publicity and events for both CIA and ACCB. I regularly organized the "Pitstops," which gave commuters an opportunity to get together in the Sixth College Commuter Center and enjoy some snacks and meet people.

As chair, IÂ?d like to improve relations between the council and the different clubs, as well as groups like the Resident Advisors (RAs). Also, since the SCSC Constitution has recently been amended, I hope to see the new committees gain members and become successful.

Why do you love Sixth College as much as you do?
Everybody is so nice and amusing. There's a sense of community and friendship that makes me feel like there's always somebody here for me to talk to if I get bored or need help. The staff always seem so spirited about the events, too, which I think makes it easier for the students to get involved.

What's your favorite memory of Sixth College or moment at Sixth College?
Helping out at "Spirit of the Masters" this past year. It was pretty great seeing everybody in crazy costumes and makeup. It was a lot of fun, too. (Spirit of the Masters is a Sixth College Student Council sponsored event that is modeled after Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, California.)

If you could give one piece of advice to other Sixth College students, what would it be?
Don't be afraid to go out and make memories! If you don't want to get involved in activities on campus, then at least try taking a recreational class or two, or explore San Diego. There's so much to do around this city, it's crazy. Here are my top picks!

  • Old Town is awesome, especially if you go for "Cinco de Mayo," an important Mexican cultural event. Visit the game shop there, as well as the haunted house, which is apparently pretty well-known.
  • Extraordinary Desserts between Hillcrest and Downtown on Fifth Avenue is a really cute dessert place. Take a date or go to hang out with friends.
  • "Tapioca Express" is a fun cafe on Convoy Street with free wireless.
  • Coronado is always great. Explore the beach, the shops at the hotel, or just walk around.
  • See Fun 101 for more!

- By Beverly Gallagher

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