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UnOlympics Victory 2007

Read about Sixth College winning the 2007 UnOlympics competition.

Sixers take home the gold

For the second year in a row, Sixth College took home the "Golden Shoe" trophy after winning the annual UCSD UnOlympics competition.

A spirited UCSD tradition, the UnOlympics celebrated its silver anniversary this year, bringing together all 6 colleges to compete in cheers, games, and dances. "UnOlympics is an opportunity to get to know people from all colleges and learn about them through their cheers," said Angelica Dulce, a second year Sixth College student. "Also, you get to interact with people you'd probably never see."

This year, Sixth College chose "Planet Sixth" for the Welcome Week theme, organizing a week-long series of events around sustainability issues. As in the 2006 UnOlympics victory, Sixers woed the crowds during the dance competition. "Sustainalicious," shouted Sixers to a rewrite of the song "Fergalicious," delivering each step with energy and a little attitude.

"The creativity and talent of our Sixers never ceases to amaze me," said Sixth College Dean of Student Affairs James Stascavage. "Most impressive to me during the UnOlympics, however, was the way in which students from all the 6 colleges supported one another and showed their Triton spirit and pride. The community building that began during the UnOlympics surely set a very positive tone for the year to come."

After a feverish search for the Golden Shoe returned just hours before the competition, Sixth College is thrilled to house the trophy for the 2007-2008 academic year.

- By Beverly Gallagher