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CAT 90

CAT 90 is a one-unit reflection seminar designed for students who engage in summer experiential learning activities and would like to apply these activities towards the experiential learning requirement. Please note that only Dr. Geibel's course offered each fall quarter fulfills the requirement; other versions of CAT 90 do not satisfy the experiential learning requirement.

Fall 2024 Courses

Experiential Learning Seminar

Bill Robertson Geibel

Lecturer, CAT
Seminar time TBA

The purpose of CAT 90 is to encourage student growth through facilitated reflection and analysis of their experiential learning activity. Through guided prompts, discussions, and written reflections students will investigate their own perspectives, assumptions, and values and evaluate how these things informed their experience. Towards the end of the course, students will be asked to engage in reflection for action, a practice focused on improving student success in the future by applying their cultivated knowledge to future career and academic decisions.

Writing Support

There are a variety of writing resources around campus for students to take advantage of. In addition to CAT TAs' office hours, students may visit the Writing Hub in the Teaching and Learning Commons for help with their writing assignments. The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) also offers a variety of tutoring programs, including the Language Arts Tutorial Services (LATS).