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2007 Photo Contest

Learn about the fourth annual Sixth College Photo Contest and its winners.

Student Photographers Focus on Cultural Identity

More than 100 students, faculty, and staff attended Sixth College's fourth annual photo exhibition, "This is Me: My Cultural Identity." Sixteen Sixth College students took on the creative challenge of capturing an image that encapsulated the exhibit's theme, producing a series of diverse self-portraits, still-life and landscape photos.

"It was wonderful to see 16 divergent visions of each artist's cultural heritage," said Richard Sills, Sixth College staff member, fine art photographer/ dealer, and photo contest judge. "The style and approach of each photograph was as diverse as the artists who created them. The thought, technical ability and creative expression of all the entrants were truly impressive."

Sills was one member of a team of 3 volunteer judges including Professor Haim Weizman and ArtPower! Marketing Manager Amy Thomas.

"This is the second year I've judged the photo contest, and there are always wonderful artistic investigations happening at Sixth College," Thomas said. "From stark reflections of religion, culture, and self to compositions featuring playful pool dives and human-puppetry, it's always fantastic to see what the students create!"

Participation in the annual photo contest has grown exponentially since its inception. "We doubled the number of particpants this year," said Dale Masterson, Sixth College Assistant Dean. "I'm excited to see the continued growth of this important celebration of student talent."

The photo exhibit will be on display in the Sixth College Commuter Center ( map) for the week of March 12 and in the Sixth College Hub ( map) for the week of March 19.

For more information, please contact Dale Masterson, (858) 822-5956.

Self 1st place:
Trisha Maria Berry
Colores de la vida 2nd place:
"Colores de la vida"
Kathryn Lema
Strangeways 3rd place:
Devin Askounis
Puppet People's Choice Award:
Edward Kim