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Printing Press

Printing Press

Sixth College has acquired and restored an impressive piece of technology: a Golding Improved Pearl No. 11 (PDF) printing press made in 1909. Artists, print enthusiasts, students, faculty and staff attended the inaugural reception on March 15 celebrating the first use of the press in the 21st century.

"Lynda Claassen, director of UCSD Special Collections, called and asked if we wanted a printing press. She said it didn't work, but 2 gentlemen who can repair it come with it!" explained Sixth College Provost Gabriele Wienhausen. Claassen was referring to Gary Miller and Al Rodriguez, 2 retired high school teachers who spent 8 months restoring the press.

Walter Chisholm, who donated the press, bought the machine at the age of 15 to begin a small business printing business cards, company letterhead, and advertisements. "I'm very glad that the press has found such a good home," Mr. Chisholm said.

"With Culture, Art, and Technology as the college academic theme, it's great to be able to offer our students opportunities for hands-on experience with movable type - one of the most significant technological innovations in history," said Sixth College Core Sequence Director Linda Strauss. "We're looking forward to working with faculty members, booking artists, and (recruiting) members of the printing community to find a variety of ways to involve students in using the press."

Sixth College held a contest for the first design to run on the newly restored press. A new template was made for the press with contest winner Maggie Chan's design (PDF). Everyone attending received the inaugural print. Some were even given the chance to make their own!

- By Beverly Gallagher

Read Chan's artist statement (PDF).

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