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Dogg House

Revamping the Dogg
The large number of students choosing to attend UCSD (and Sixth College) in 2006 took everyone a bit by surprise. In response, Sixth College decided to improve communal space and quickly put together a team to figure out how.

Although Sixth College hadn't scheduled any renovations for this year, the administration negotiated with UCSD's Housing and Dining Services to allow for an inexpensive yet creative revamping of the Dogg House.

Sixth College Provost Gabriele Wienhausen put together an in-house design team to develop a fresh vision for the Dogg House. Professional artist Steve Haskamp led the effort to design a "sticky" place - one that allows for chance encounters and invites students, faculty, and staff to linger. To enliven the space and create a rich cultural and social environment where living and learning overlap, Steve chose a green-and-blue color scheme. "The Dogg House faces a beautiful lawn," Steve said. "I felt that green would bring some of this nature inside."

Other design team members included Sixth College faculty, Sixth College staff members from Student Affairs, Residential Life and the Business/ Provost Office, and a representative from BKM OfficeWorks (the University's official furniture supplier).

"The staff that spearheaded the Dogg House renovation gave our community a fresh space to hang out, study, and build relationships. As the year continues, I hope we will see it become a central space for student use," says Jayne Smith, assistant resident dean. The Dogg House is a balance between the practical and the aesthetic. Sixth College is very excited to be able to offer this unique space to its students.

Come and hang out . . .
The Dogg House is a multi-purpose community space for hanging out, studying, holding programs, and hosting meetings. Because this space is used for many different events, it has to be flexible. Five unique sitting areas can easily be rearranged to accommodate large gatherings.

  • Students generally have unrestricted access to the space every day from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. Reservations for programs/ meetings may restrict access at times.
  • Note that a posted chart outlines permanent furniture arrangements, so the space can be returned to its original configuration after each use.

To reserve the space, obtain the access code, or get more information, contact Residential Life, (858) 822-5268.