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Student Spotlight on Everlynne Lleva Fall 2006

Everlynne Everlynne Lleva
Third year, Sixth College
San Diego, California
Interests: Programming, fashion,
interior design, music, traveling, and sports
Favorite type of music: R&B

What's your current or intended major?

Urban Studies and Planning. I started off as a Molecular Biology major thinking that I was going to be a doctor, but when I started learning what it was all about, I realized I didn't want to do research all of the time, so I switched to Human Bio because I still wanted to be in the sciences.

But there was still another side of me that wanted to be in programming, event coordination and production. Then I thought of Math Econ but thought I needed a more business-y side, so I thought of Management Science. But I wasn't as cut out for math as I thought I'd be.

I've finally decided on Urban Studies and Planning. It's very interdisciplinary, which really matches my personality as I like to do many different things instead of focusing on just one thing.

It is also a new major, and I was intrigued by its newness and uniqueness. Also, I went to see the Urban Studies and Planning exhibition of senior projects at the Price Center... I saw the different presentations and saw that within the Urban Studies and Planning major there were even more subdivisions.

I still don't know which one I want to focus on, but I like having the different options. I'm also currently thinking of minoring in Art History because that's a passion of mine and would help me out when going into production as it also deals with interior design. So if someone asks me, "Do you know baroque style?" I can help them.

Another thing I thought about when pursuing event coordination is that I wanted to pursue something that fulfilled my own aspirations instead of what my parents or our Filipino culture would expect of me.

So if I were to give new students any advice, I would say to find a major that best suits your personality. If you're thinking about going to grad school, yeah, you can go with the typical majors, but if you can show them this other side, I think that they will be able to see what you can bring to their university.

What student organizations or groups are you involved in?

Sixth College Student Council - last year I was the Commissioner of Culture. One assignment was to create an event. I created C.H.A.O.S. (Cultures Having An Outrageous Scene) and really enjoyed this because it gave me more practice with event planning and being part of something that could become a new and lasting tradition at Sixth College.

This year I'm Commissioner of Programming which allows me to expand more on my programming skills. I'm also involved in CIA (Commuters in Action) because I like the fact that as commuters, there is an organization specifically for us. I was able to be part of a family because it was hard to feel connected because I wasn't a resident.

I have also been an OL (Orientation Leader) . . . I thought I'd like to help incoming students. I thought that I could feel even more connected to Sixth College, which became true because this snowballed into becoming involved with Sixth College Ambassadors, the Sixth College Student Council, and the Orientation Program Workshop! As an Ambassador I don't just finish service after Orientation but can continue it throughout the year.

What's your intended career after graduation?

Event coordinator, because I like working behind the scenes, talking with vendors and other people that are passionate about what they're doing. And then you see your hard work come through in the end. You see all the details you just saw as little details come together making people happy. Seeing people's faces and knowing that they are happy with what we've planned is rewarding. I guess in a way I also like creating nice things for people that they never would have thought of like little giveaways or a unique theme, something that would be unexpected.

Why do you love Sixth College as much as you do?

It is such a new and small community that there is room to get involved and create new programs that may become traditions for years to come. Also, since the college is smaller than the others, I feel like we act more as a family than a college.

What's your favorite memory of Sixth College or moment at Sixth College?

When I saw the event that I created, C.H.A.O.S. (Cultures Having An Outrageous Scene), come to life with all the different cultures and student acts.

Who are your role models/heroes?

My parents. They have sacrificed so much just to give my brothers, sister and me a better life in the states.

If you could give one piece of advice to other Sixth College students, what would it be?

Give it a chance. We may be new and we may not have large traditional events like the rest of the colleges, but that's what's exciting about us. Get involved and create the large traditional events that one day all six colleges will look forward to.

- By Beverly Gallagher

For more information, contact Lynne McMullin.