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UnOlympics Victory

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006, UCSD students from the six colleges gathered at the RIMAC fields for the 25th annual UnOlympics. During the friendly competition, designed to build Triton pride and community, the colleges earned points for two aspects of the event: the cheer, and college performance.

Sixth College's UnOlympics theme was "Viva Sixth College," inspired by the 1964 film "Viva Las Vegas" starring Elvis Presley. The Sixth cheer and performance captured the theme exquisitely with Vegas glitz, disco, rolling dice, and Elvis himself on the UnOlympics field.

For the first time in its short 5-year history of participation, Sixth College won first place at the UnOlympics and took home the coveted blue suede, er, golden shoe!

Asked for his reaction to the Sixth victory, Dean of Student Affairs James Stascavage said, "While I am exceedingly proud of the accomplishment of our Sixth students - led by the amazingly talented resident advisors - I am even more impressed by how students from all of the colleges came together as Tritons, united in UC San Diego pride and spirit. The UnOlympics was a wonderful start to the campuswide community building that we will all do together this year."