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Spring Fusion 2007

Read about Freaky Friday, Sixth College's Spring Quarter 2007 Fusion program.

Sixers Give Up the Ghost for an Afternoon

Freaky Friday, Sixth College's Spring Quarter 2007 Fusion program, was more about tickling the funny bone than chilling to the bone. From watching Sixers run barefoot across tubs of "oobleck" to seeing a hypnotist convince students their shoes were telephones, hundreds of Sixth College students found a wacky refuge from a rare stormy day.

Spring Quarter's Fusion bash explored the mysticism, illusions, and magic of the supernatural world, all with a lot of humor, of course! UCSD physics professor Michael Anderson showed students how to "walk on water." Anderson spent hours with students and staff to create a fluid known as "oobleck," which forms a solid only when force is applied. "I like to show people stuff we see in everyday life but don't really understand what's going on," said Anderson.

A few brave souls ran barefoot across the cream-colored vats, exiting without a splash. One student shouted out: "You should see these guys in Barcelona. They're running across pools of it!" (See an Oobleck YouTube Video.)

Equally spellbinding was the performance by world-renowned hypnotist Jeff Marcus. "I will not make you bark like a dog or anything like that. I know you have to face your classmates when you leave," said Marcus. When Marcus asked the audience who would like to be hypnotized, dozens of hands shot up. He chose 8 men and 8 women. Within an hour, the group sang and danced to the Village People, felt an incredible attraction to the hypnotist, struck the pose of their favorite superhero, talked to aliens, acted like 4-year-olds and thought they were naked in front of the audience.

All participants ended up like zombies and ambled away with wide, glassy eyes while audience members sat paralyzed from laughter.

- By Beverly Gallagher

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