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Student Spotlight on Caroline Crump Spring 2007

Caroline Crump

Get to know Sixth College Assistant Vice Chair of the Arts Caroline Crump. Caroline is a third-year senior from Laguna Hills, CA.


  • Music: All over the place. Anything I can sing to.
  • Movie: Something artsy, about a serious passion, and/or with a good message.
  • Food: I love Mexican food.
  • Book: "Oryx and Crake," by Margaret Atwood.

Interests: Singing, writing, dancing, Disneyland, sass, art. I especially like art by Salvador Dali and Giorgio de Chirico.

What's your current or intended major? Psychology with a minor in Philosophy.

What do you want to do as an intended career after graduation? I'm going to graduate school for behavioral neurosciences, and hopefully doing research on consciousness.

What student organizations or groups are you involved in? Sixth College Student Council. I am Assistant Vice Chair of the Arts, which is an appointed position on council. The main duty is to uphold the core value of Art through arts-related programming and efforts on the council floor.

I also just finished participating in the first Place Matters Project. Place Matters really opened my eyes to what our community can be. People at UCSD are usually so apathetic, in general, but here, finally, was something complete strangers from three colleges cared about. It was exciting because we were working on such an important issue with really amazing people, from professionals to peers. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on other people.

What's your favorite memory of Sixth College or moment at Sixth College? So I'm a little biased, but this goes along with why I love Sixth so much: my favorite memory has to be the first Spirit of the Masters. It's the event I do for Sixth College Council, and it's basically a live recreation of famous artworks with people playing the parts of the main figures. All the prep work was pretty much just my roommate and me, putting on this massive event. No one else had any clue what we were doing so no one really could help. So it was just us for it to be such a success. It was really gratifying.

Who are your role models/ heroes? This is really cliche, but my mom is my biggest role model. I can't even begin to describe how strong, passionate, and dedicated she is. She takes on the world every day, and she wins every time. I really want to be like that someday.

If you could give one piece of advice to other Sixth College students, what would it be? Get involved! I know it's another cliche, but seriously DO IT. Get involved in your labs, in the trillions of student organizations, in student council, in projects like Place Matters! People complain about how everyone stays in their room studying, and how there's no sense of community on the campus... you have to find the communities that are really active. They're out there, and they want you!

Why do you love Sixth College as much as you do? I think one of my favorite things about Sixth is that everything we do is so new, and every new tradition was very recently someone's baby. There's a lot of passion behind everything we do here because it's just us: the admin, the faculty, and the students. There's a little piece of each of us in every event. It makes for a lot of beautiful work.

- By Beverly Gallagher