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Sticky Places

New Collaboration Targets Physical Space

Sixth College is working to enliven its communal spaces. Sixth College Provost Gabriele Wienhausen has even coined a new term to visualize this goal: "sticky places." These are places that allow for chance encounters and that invite students, faculty, and staff to linger.

The 2005 Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction Report (PDF) details the importance of campus spaces, calling for "a physical environment that supports and affords social interactions, including informal learning activities and leisure events."

Outcomes of this Sixth College vision have so far produced The Dogg House Renovation and " We Pass Each Other on the Street," a Practicum exhibition that took place in the Sixth College Hub.

To further the goal of creating "sticky places," Sixth College has partnered with the Department of Visual Arts. Visual Arts approached Sixth College to request space where undergraduates could display their artwork. Exhibition opportunities are very important to student practices, and currently there are not a lot of places available to undergraduates in the arts.

"It is important for us to establish a relationship with our Visual Arts neighbor, not only to enliven our communal spaces and to provide exhibition space to undergraduates, but to also begin strategizing as this area of campus starts to take shape as outlined in the University Center Project," said Provost Wienhausen.

To inaugurate this joint venture, Jennifer Pastor's advanced studio and seminar class "Contemporary Issues and Practices" chose The Lodge to exhibit their artwork and to host catered evening receptions March 20 -22. The space of the rear room in The Lodge inspired the exhibition entitled, "Rear View."

"To be able to take a space that many students have been interacting in daily inspires our creation and offers real challenges in art practicing," said student artist Lisa Ma.

- By Beverly Gallagher

Vist the Rear View Web page for more information.