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Shared Governance Award

During November's "State of the Campus" address, the UCSD Associated Students Council presented Gabriele Wienhausen with an award for supporting the development of shared governance at UCSD. Via shared governance, students, faculty, and administration work collaboratively, with mutual trust and respect, to better UCSD. The award is new this year, but Associated Students seeks to make it a tradition for years to come.

Student Council members nominated and then voted for a person who has shown a real commitment to working together with students, faculty, and staff to enhance campus life. The award came as a surprise to Sixth College's Provost Wienhausen, who expressed how "deeply honored" she felt. "To receive such recognition really encourages and motivates me to want to do more."

Student Adam Gardner nominated her for the award, saying, "Basically, we all love Gabriele Wienhausen. Even those of us who don't know her really well - myself included - have this sense that she is really eager to work with students. She's so friendly and approachable. I'd say she is an ideal administrator."

Gabriele's participation in the Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction (USES) report has been one of her most notable accomplishments in support of shared governance. Students, UCSD alumni, faculty, and staff worked collaboratively to address the results of the report, making decisions and generating suggestions to improve the UCSD campus community. Gabriele continues to actively address concerns raised in the report through support and involvement in such projects as Place Matters, in which she is also an active class participant.

Gabriele is involved in an additional upcoming project that provides a "real life" response to the USES report: establishing the first Innovator-in-Residence at Sixth College. And she has agreed to serve on the 2007 All Campus Senior Celebration Steering Committee, which will oversee the execution of an all-campus event as part of the spring graduation ceremonies.

- By Beverly Gallagher

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