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New Year's Resolutions

Establishing New Year's resolutions is a helpful way for us to dream about what we'd like to accomplish.

Since each quarter and academic year passes by quickly, Sixth College would like to present our recommended New Year's Resolutions. Make the most of your time and your undergraduate experience before it slips away from you!

  • Develop your leadership skills by being a Sixth College Residential Advisor (application deadline January 26), Orientation Leader (application deadline March 16), Student Affairs Intern, or Front Desk Assistant.
  • Get involved by joining a Sixth College Student Organization or a UCSD student organization, or have your voice heard by attending a Sixth College Student Council meeting.
  • Become connected with your professors by participating in the Sixth College Dine-with-a-Prof Program or Sixth Suppers.
  • Attend some of the many exciting Sixth College, Residential Life, and Student Organization Events.
  • Explore for-credit and paid internship opportunities with the Academic Internship Program.
  • Learn about study abroad opportunities with the Programs Abroad Office
  • Begin your online Career Portfolio with the Career Services Center.
  • Get your money's worth by using your Rec Card on a regular basis.
  • Use resources available to you such as Academic Advisors and Personal Counselors.
  • Register for an outing with Outback Adventures, or join an intramural team at UCSD Recreation.